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Double layer membrane over plywood substrate

Involves a base membrane layer and a cap sheet membrane layer and we provide two (2) options to select from. Elastocene Surebase P 2.6 mm is the standard base sheet and Testudo 16 P 3 mm is a SBS modified for improved flexibility in cold temperatures.
Mineral Finish

Surebase P - Protea Duo P 4 Kg Mineral
Surebase P - Nova P 4 Kg Mineral
Testudo 16 P - Protea Duo P 4 Kg Mineral
Testudo 16 P - Nova P 4 Kg Mineral


Membrane Finishes


in a range of colours

 Light Grey



Plus Red, Green, Brown and special mixes.

or Mineral Design

Printed patterns of your selection for a uniquely different and attractive roof.



 You Select
    Base Sheet
  Cap Sheet
  The Colour


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