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Standard Specifications


Index Membranes

Made real easy for you by providing an extensive range of Index reinforced bitumen membrane system.

Comprehensive specifications which double as "On-site instructions" that ensures quality installation and finish.

Comprehensive range of specifications to cover every building requirements for;





Roof Gardens

Warm Roofs


or chose from our System Options with painted or mineral finishes

Double Layer Membrane Over Plywood Substrate - Mineral Finish

Double Layer Membrane Over Plywood Substrate - Paint Finish

Double Layer Membrane - Vent Systems

Sinlge Layer Membrane on Concrete - Mineral Finish

Sinlge Layer Membrane on Concrete - Paint Finish

Gutter Membrane Liners - Paint Finish

Tanking ( below ground ) Membrane Systems

Roof Garden ( green ) Membrane Systems

Insulated Warm Roof


Index membranes and the Joyce Group Verification Report

Large number of projects where Index membrane had been installed and weathered for varying years was inspected by the Joyce Group.

Joyce Group

Covered under their Verification Report confirming that Index membranes comply and perform long-term as required under the Building Code.

 Verification report JN:6420


Index membranes and the BRANZ Appraisal 768

Substantial document covering 13 Index membranes with an easy to follow Index membranes system combination chart as a guide document for you.

The BRANZ appraisal number 768 (2012) clearly advises that Index membranes comply. Something we have known for over

  Twenty (20) years.

 Appraisal 768 (2012)





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