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Hitchins New Zealand Limited has been providing technical documents, product selection, product system specifications, application instructions and training.  This has to be increased to meet the required training standards and to include other recognised training courses provided.

Industry and suppliers have to work together to put in place training courses to raise standards and achieve certification.

Hitchins Training Courses will cover our extended product range and following system:-

Hitchins’ Traffigard membrane.
Hitchins’ Unishield membrane.
Hitchins’ Covercol AB Rapid Tiling System.
Isoltema Self-adhesive membrane.
Index’ Tanking Membrane System.
Index’ Torch-on Roof/Deck Membrane.
Index’ Self-Adhesive Thermal Membrane.
Index’ Insulated Roof System.
Index’ Roof Garden System.
Hitchins’ CIM Liquid Liners.
Euromix Plaster Cladding.
Hitchins’ Hi-build Coating Process.
Hitchins’ Textured Coating System.
Hitchins’ Floor Coatings and Screeds.


Home » Training » Training Courses