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Hitchins grew from strength to strength, based on the research of Hitchins’ Research Laboratory, developing many innovative systems in protective coatings, textures, flooring, roofing and deck linings, metal coatings, grouts and flushing compounds, membranes and industrial coatings. All these have achieved one paramount objective: to make building materials last for a long time. This has become a Hitchins’ tradition, which is now widely recognised worldwide.
Their success led Mr Hitchins to establish other Hitchins’ companies over the years in numerous countries throughout the world with regional offices and/or factories in Australia, U.S.A., Singapore, Hong Kong and England.
Hitchins’ renowned products have been applied or installed on thousands of buildings all over the world and their performance has established Hitchins as a world leader in specialised products and systems.
The Hitchins’ Group developed and prospered until the retirement of Mr Hitchins, who with no apparent heir to carry on; sold various companies around the world, including Hitchins New Zealand Limited.
Today these companies like Hitchins New Zealand Limited are independently owned, but with close inter-company association, remain bound by affiliation worldwide.


Home » Company Profile » World Expansion