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Hitchins New Zealand Limited commissioned CSIRO of Australian, BRANZ and BEAL of New Zealand to appraise and certify products Hitchins market.

CSIRO are the leading Australian product appraising authority and accepted by the Department of Building and Housing, as of course is BRANZ.

CSIRO has carried out an appraisal of Hitchins Traffigard membrane, as per Certificate No. 247, and re-validation.  They have subsequently tested and certified Traffigard for wet areas also.

BRANZ is currently appraising a wide selection of Index membrane that Hitchins imports and marketed, as per the schedule that can be viewed by clicking on Index.  BRANZ product appraisal is pending and once certificate received it will be added.

Isoltema Spa of Italy commissioned BRANZ to appraise the Elotene range (marketed here as Formseal) however their Certificate issued No. 516 was not acceptable to Hitchins and therefore lapsed, with the requirement that BRANZ re-appraised under the Formseal name. BRANZ appraisal Certificate pending.

Euroset Trading Pty Limited in association with Hitchins New Zealand Limited commissioned BEAL (Building Element Assessment Laboratory) to appraise the Euromix Renders, coating and textures and certify they comply with Section B2, E2 and F2 of the New Zealand Building Code. Appraisal Certificate C406 can be viewed by clicking on Euromix. Now currently undergoing a Department of Building & Housing Codemark appraisal.


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