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Developed over 35 years ago by the Hitchins’ Group, manufactured and marketed by Hitchins New Zealand Limited.

Traffigard membrane process incorporates chopped strand fibreglass matt in Traffigard resins, produce a durable and trafficable continuous membrane.

The unique properties and features of the Traffigard membrane are:-

   Continuous membrane, no joins or seams.
   Economical, very little waste.
   Applied as a liquid, no smell, no fumes.
   Not torch installed, no flames.
   User friendly, non-hazardous.
   Reinforcement single or double layer.
   Strong, durable and hard wearing.
   Available in a range of 12 standard colours.
   Special colours can be produced.
   Weatherproof protection membrane.
   Chemical resistant.
   Can be over-coated Formrok 335.
   Guaranteed to 15 years.
   Can incorporate non-slip properties.
   Attractive finish.

Traffigard membrane is very versatile with a wide range of uses, such as:-

   Deck, patios, balconies.
   Small and large roofs.
   Gutter linings.
   Under tiling.
   Shower walls and bases.

Traffigard membrane process in showers incorporates fibreglass surfacing tissue and finished in Formrok 335 to provide durable smoother finish.

For superior finish on decks, patios etc we recommend our recessed plywood joints process that provides “ridge free” finish.   Dataspec covers this process.

Carparks we recommend our Traffigard Unishield process that involves a double fibreglass chopped strand matt reinforcement bound by Unishield waterborne epoxy acrylic.  Very durable continuous seam free membrane system.

For tiling over Traffigard we recommend a reinforced layer of Covercol AB Rapid be applied over the Traffigard membrane and left to dry, then tiles laid into a bed of Covercol AB Rapid.   The tiled surface must incorporate expansion joints.   See our quality control and dataspec documents.

Traffigard membrane process comprises of the following steps:

   Primer or sealer coat.
   Laminating base coat.
   Finishing colour coats.
   Traffiglaze, glossy finish.

Three primers or sealers available being:-

   Traffigard Pre-prime, solvent bases alkyd.
   Formstik, waterborne epoxy.
   Traffigard primer bodycoat.

Hitchins developed the best winter grade fast dry Bodycoat on the market.   Laminating with Hitchins’ Traffigard FD and you don’t get washed out by changing weather.   The result is:-

   No lost membranes.
   No washouts.
   No loss of money.
   No suspect membranes.
   Faster installation.
   Quality finish that performs.