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Hi-Build Coatings and Systems

Hitchins market a wide range of Hi-Build Coatings to restore, beautify, protect and waterproof buildings.   Our coatings are renown for their quality and long term performances.

Our range is extensive and the following is an overview of the some of the popular ones:

 -  Durable acrylic coating
 Formstar Copper
 -  Metallic finish
Walls – Smooth:    
 -  5 coat Hi-build process
 -  3 coat Hi-build process
 -  3 coat Hi-build process
 -  3 coat Hi-Build process
     Or Coloured glaze finish
 -  Urethane durable finish
 -  Natural mineral finish
Walls – Textured:    
 -  Hi-build Texture process
 -  Splatter Texture finish
 -  Sandy Texture finish
 -  Coloured Quartz Fine finish
 -  Coloured Quartz Trowel finish
Interior Walls:    
 -  Hi-build Durable finish
 -  Waterborne epoxy acrylic finish
 -  Durable Urethane finish
 -  Natural Broken Colour decorative finish
Interior Floors:    
 -  Clear penetrating and anti-dusting finish
 -  Durable epoxy process
 -  Waterborne epoxy acrylic coating
 -  Waterborne epoxy acrylic membrane
 -  Acrylic glaze, gloss, semi-gloss and satin
 -  Durable trafficable acrylic glaze
 -  Solvent acrylic glaze

Product,  systems and process can be “tailored” to suit the building requirements and use.  We also provide an anti- graffiti finish too.