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Mr. W. Graham Hitchins, Chemist and visionary from London, England pioneered the development of specialised products to service the building industry,initially in wood veneers and then high performance specialised coatings and membranes.  

Hitchins New Zealand Limited has its origins dating back to 1932 when Mr Graham W. Hitchins first founded W. Graham Hitchins Limited who pioneered the research and development of long-lasting waterproofing and decorative coatings for the New Zealand building industry.

Hitchins was the first in New Zealand to have successfully developed and marketed multi-layered high-build elastomeric waterproofing coatings, such as the Gunac process, Formwal and Sealflex process, plus the renowned Traffigard membrane system.


These product systems or processes remain today; well known and accepted in the building and construction industry.  Many buildings spread throughout the world are coated (some performing in-excess-of 25 years) in Hitchins’ product systems and offer long term protection.


Home » Company Profile » Introduction & Beginning