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Tanking Membrane Systems

Below ground or into bank

Index range of membrane system start from single layer of either self adhesive or torch-on walls only, or system includes under floor membrane or double layer membrane system for protection in a high water table projects.


Single layer to walls only.
    Testudo Selftene P 2 mm
    Testudo 16 P 3 mm
Single layer to walls and under floor
    Testudo 16 P 3 mm walls and Testudo 20 P 4 mm under floor
Double layer to walls and Single under floor
    Testudo Selftene and Testudo 16 P 3 mm walls, plus Testudo 20 P 4mm to under floor
Double layers to walls and under floor
  Testudo 16 P 3mm - Testudo 20 P 4mm
Single layer systems to walls only include Hitchins waterproofing layer adhered to polythene which becomes embedded in concrete and provides absolute seal at critical junction.




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