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Double layer membrane Vent Systems

Index Tectene BV Strip P 3 mm base-sheet membrane has an underside of soft bitumen strips for good adhesion and allows moisture vapour to dissipate out. Cap-sheet membrane can be a number of types, below we cover the most specified in a mineral and painted finish.


         Mineral Finish
  Tectene BV Strip - Protea Duo P 4 Kg Mineral
  Tectene BV Strip - Nova P 4 Kg Mineral
       Painted Finsih
   Tectene BV Strip - Protea Duo P 4 mm Painted
   Tectene BV Strip - Nova P 4 mm Painted
   Tectene BV Strip - Elastocene P 3 mm Painted
 All of the membranes are reinforced with polyester fabric and cap-sheets also have fibreglass additional reinforcement. Protea Duo and Elastocene have an additional layer of needle punched polyester fabric.



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